Why Sponsor Kids Tamil Summer Camp?

It is an exciting time to be involved in Aasanaum Kids Tamil Summer Camp! By spreading our reputation of offering fun summer memories, practical & life skills, and meaningful character building activities, we aim to reach large numbers of Tamil children and youth.

In addition to Aasanaum Kids Tamil Summer Camp standards, such as developing Tamil language, arts, sports and developing Tamil culture, we intent to set the foundation for kids to further continuation of the Tamil language (i.e Learning Tamil, Silambam, etc.) when school season starts. During summer, most youth lose more than two months’ worth of developmental skills due to inaccessibility of summer programs. Aasanaum Kids Tamil Summer Camp will be there to eliminate this gap by actually bridging the developmental skills by focusing on importance of teaching the Tamil culture related education!

In order to make our camps accessible to as many children and youth as possible, we are seeking ways to keep our camp tuition fees low as possible and maintain to provide the best quality of content.

Benefits for the Campers:

  • A safe place to learn, play and grow all while improving their Tamil language
  • Supportive relationships with caring mentors/teachers/youths  
  • Enriching programs, experiences and activities while maintaining a fun environment

Benefits for Aasanaum Kids Tamil Summer Camp:

  • Provision of camp scholarships to deserving selected child/youth (giveaways, low income, etc.)
  • Contribute to the growth of Tamil culture within the community 
  • Supplementation of funds towards operational camp necessities

Benefits for Sponsor:

  • Develop a positive image of your business and/or industry
  • Have your name associated with Aasanaum Kids Tamil Summer Camp as it continues to grow
  • Build name brand recognition with our youth demographic, including families, parents and Tamil community, through company branded camp materials and literature.
  • Promotes your companies involvement in growing Tamil language, culture and arts within the multi cultural communities and especially with Tamil Community

Sponsorship Confirmation:

Please e-mail your desired sponsorship program to confirm your partnership with Aasanaum Kids Tamil Summer Camp 2024 or contact 647-557-0012 if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your involvement in supporting and growing the Tamil community.